The AcuPOLL Difference

Everything we do is designed to discover, evaluate, or improve new products or marketing innovations more successfully, delivering greater clarity and learning for better decisions.

  • A better understanding of consumer needs, habits, your brand equity, and competitive strengths and weaknesses

  • Unique online and in-person methodologies that provide greater granularity of understanding and yield more reliable and predictive insight

  • A clearer picture of the strength of your ideas (seed ideas, concepts, packaging, structural designs, ads), leveraging
    • Our innovation database, which is one of the largest and most diverse in the world
    • Our Modified Juster Scale, which is 3x more discriminating than top-box analysis on a 5-point scale, as well as more intuitive, faster, and easier for consumers, providing more precision with fewer respondents
  • A better understanding of “who” likes your stimuli and ways to aggregate demand
    • We pay greater attention to segments to pinpoint who’s most interested in your ideas or marketing executions
  • A better understanding of drivers of appeal
    • We work to include more diagnostic measurements to provide strategic and executional insights
    • AcuTEXT™ illuminates which elements of your stimuli are most closely associated with higher or lower interest
    • We assess every key concept claim against category expectations
  • A more custom, collaborative, and proactive approach to help our clients succeed

We aim to be faster, provide deeper answers, and to do so cost-efficiently.