AcuPOLL30+ Iterative Optimization

Only AcuPOLL30+ Sessions with Predictive Qualitative™ can take 30+ consumers and give you the confidence of quant, with the human engagement of qual – instantly.

AcuPOLL30+ Sessions uniquely empower confident and insightful marketing decisions. AcuPOLL30+ utilizes fewer consumers than our standard Central Location Test for faster, more dynamic sessions. It’s powerful optimization for any marketing initiative:

Leveraging the same general approach as AcuPOLL Live Sessions, 2-3 AcuPOLL30+ Sessions with Predictive Qualitative are usually conducted iteratively to allow you to progressively improve your ideas between (or even during) sessions.

AcuPOLL30+ Sessions provide more reliable, predictive data than what's available from focus groups – and unlike focus groups, you’ll always know what every respondent in the room thinks (even about the qualitative comments).  And unlike online studies, AcuPOLL30+ Sessions provide live qualitative input for understanding the why’s – in real time – and the opportunity to test far more stimuli and/or stimuli that couldn’t be represented well online. Plus, with AcuPOLL30+ Sessions you can achieve greater base sizes and predictive insight in far less time than focus groups.

More Reliable Respondents

  • Projectable base sizes
  • "Normal consumers" (random-digit dialed) – not recruited from panel

More Flexibility for Stimuli

  • Test multiple strategies, ideas, ads, and/or executional elements in one quantitative test

Instant Qualitative without Group Effects

  • Hear directly from consumers in-person
  • Probe in real time as questions arise
  • Get clarity on how every participant thinks/feels, anonymously, using the iPad or keypad system – 
    no guessing how other respondents feel or being led astray by random comments

The Confidence of Quantitative

  • Reliable, predictive data
  • Ability to cross-tabulate segments
  • Standardized measures with norms
  • Full custom flexibility

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