AcuPOLL Live Results

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pizza boxes

Innovation:  Developed 5 menu items for a national restaurant chain via ideation, concept, and taste test iterations in a matter of weeks

baseball league image

Design:  Helped a Major League Baseball team redesign their uniforms for 2014

Leading Spirits Manufacturer image

Packaging:  Developed new packaging for a spirits maker with their designers improving graphics between, and even during sessions

global food comany image

Website:  Helped a top 5 global food company redesign and optimize dozens of features for their brand website

Top US Food Company

Positioning:  Helped a top 10 U.S. food company re-examine their category positioning and assess new innovation opportunities in a major food category

top 5 US ad agency

Advertising:  Evaluated, screened, and optimized 3 core campaign directions and numerous TV/print/in-store ad executions
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top personal care company

Innovation:  Helped a top personal care company screen and optimize 54 concepts in 2 days

leading beauty firm

Advertising:  Evaluated and improved 3 campaigns and 7 executions for a leading global beauty company

top beverage maker

Product:  Evaluated and improved 6 new flavors for a leading U.S. beverage maker

home improvement company

In-Store:  Optimized displays and shelf/gondola configurations for a leading manufacturer in home improvement

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“You guys were great to work with and we felt the methodology was incredibly helpful!”

Top 5 U.S. Ad Agency

“Well done. Upper management loved the research and commented on how wonderful of a methodology this proved to be for our campaign development.”

Major Food Company