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The Missing Step for Developing Stronger Campaigns, Faster

Powerful marketing campaigns are vital to growing world-class brands. But developing a campaign successfully across platforms – traditional media, digital, social, in-store, PR – is more challenging than ever.

There are many varieties of Insight Research to generate inspiration at the beginning of campaign development, and several options for Validation Research at the end. Yet there are precious few methodologies for providing input on the best directions and improvement opportunities in the middle of Campaign Development, where more Predictive Qualitative™ input can help campaigns soar. ..

12 Ways To Boost Perceived Value Without Sacrificing Profit

Recession.  A jobless recovery.  Consumer fears stoked with every bank announcement. 
No matter how much you spend in marketing, the news networks will out-GRP your glitziest appeals to spend with recommendations to consumers to belt-tighten.  So how do you position your brand to “win” with cost-conscious consumers, without lowering your price?  

Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Message: 3 Key Concept Components to Capture the Minds or Hearts of Your Customers

Here’s a novel business plan. Develop a great product or service. Leverage technology, lower costs, and offer great value. Then, just when you have something that customers relish, do what many good businesses do: describe it in a way that sounds like everything else, or even worse… don’t offer a message at all. Sound crazy? Well, many of the businesses we see miss one or more of the 3 key elements that make a marketing message effective. ..

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