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Differentiate or Disappear

The only way to escape the "competitive herd" and grow is to differentiate, yet many clients struggle to create unique ideas that people actually want. ..

2 Minutes Can Change How You Do Research

While researchers strive to discover new insights and help companies make better decisions, there's often a missing step in the development process – between the Insight Phase and Validation Research – that sub-optimizes major initiatives. The AcuPOLL Live Qual-Quant iPad system is a unique technology for moderated group qual/quant evaluation that helps you develop stronger initiatives, faster: concepts, products, multi-platform marketing campaigns, packages, and displays. ..

Leveraging Innovation Summits as Ingenuity Catalysts

The bigger the company and the greater its internal resources, the easier it is to believe that “we have all the answers internally” when it comes to innovation and marketing ideas.  And many people rightly complain that some brainstorming sessions create heaps of undeveloped ideas that never go anywhere.  Yet two recent innovation summits that we were involved with have reminded us of the dramatic value that savvy, experienced outsiders with a fresh perspective can bring to a project in just a few days. Read our two brief case studies and learning for the future: ..

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