Category Insight

AcuPOLL designs custom studies to deeply penetrate category/brand fundamentals, define explicit and implicit motivators, and solve major brand challenges.

Tell us your Brand's toughest problem and we'll help you solve it with Brand MRI (Messaging, Repositioning and Insight). 

Brand MRI helps solve problems and uncover growth opportunities, such as:

  • Insight-based communication strategies
  • New packaging directions
  • Insight directions for new products
  • Promotional offers and programs
  • Consumer-relevant Brand communications

Brand MRI is a collection of custom techniques that starts with an in-depth analysis of your Brand’s current fundamental position in the category versus competition and proceeds to tackle your Brand's specific objectives.  Baseline understanding and benchmarking helps discover Insights for new product directions, positionings, packages, and advertising.  Techniques include Equity Impact Analysis, MaxDiff, Need/Gap Assessment, Regression Driver Analysis, Archetypes, eFactor®, Heat Maps, Kano Analysis of Derived Importance, virtual shelf sets, KYST Mapping, etc.  These techniques can be executed in studies one-time or via longitudinal tracking studies.

Brand MRI has successfully identified:

  • Why a brand is losing share to private label brands more than its key competitor brand
  • How to change packaging to be more meaningfully different and attract attention at shelf
  • Whether shopping behavior is more need-driven or pantry stocking in advance of the need, and how to increase the latter
  • How to position a second private label brand in a category without cannibalization