Understand Points of Parity (POPs) and Points of Difference (PODs)
with AcuPOLL Efficacy Statement Ratings

Too often the focus in concept work is on what people like, without understanding if they believe it will actually perform better.

First, respondents use the AcuPOLL 0-to-10 Scale to rate how effective the Current Category is for each benefit in the concept.
Then, respondents rate your Concept on the same measures.

As shown below, this Lightweight Cat Litter Concept is rated significantly higher than the Category on the first two benefits (Being Easy To Carry and Pour), among both the Total Sample and Key Segments. Thus, these are strong PODs.

For Being Easy To Scoop, reactions depend on the target:

  • Overall, the Concept is at parity to the Category at 8.5.

  • Brand Users have a higher expectation of Category performance, and the Concept is at a disadvantage here (7.5 vs. 9.5), suggesting these consumers may need to be reassured the new product will meet their needs in this area.

  • Brand Non-Users rate Current Cat Litters lower at 7.0, and the Concept significantly higher at 9.2, suggesting this is a POD that could be compelling enough to attract new users to the Brand.