Use eFactor® to better understand consumers’ deeper emotional responses to your advertising and packaging!

Our proprietary eFactor technique (“Unarticulated Emotional Elicitation”) helps clients understand consumers’ deeper emotional reactions to supplement the rationale analysis of strengths and weaknesses.  We believe that forging a strong emotional connection with consumers is the foundation of exceptional long-term brand growth.

eFactor wheel

  • Our analysis of 15 different core psychological models identified the 8-emotion model by Dr. Robert Plutchik as most fitting for marketing assessment.
  • Recognizing that consumers express themselves with a wide array of terms and need help finding articulations, we’ve developed an array of 48 sub-emotions that build to these 8 core factors.
  • Our model measures both incidence and intensity of various emotions and sub-factors.
Outputs Include:
  1. Summary of strength of emotional responses
  2. Breakdown of specific emotional groups
  3. Coded summary of open-end responses linked to specific emotional groups
  4. Actual verbatim responses also provided to bring overall results to life

Ask your Account Manager about how to utilize eFactor in developing or evaluating advertising, packaging, and other stimuli to forge stronger emotional connections with your brand.