Helping A Leading CPG Firm Grow +290%

For more than 10 years, AcuPOLL has been the exclusive supplier for screening and improving early-stage innovations at a leading consumer products firm. 

growth chartTheir results:

  • Sales nearly tripled (increasing by ~$2 Billion)
  • Market Cap grew four-fold (by ~$6 Billion)
  • Net Margin has nearly doubled
  • The company achieved nearly 20% annual growth in Total Shareholder Return

The company’s growth has been driven by smart management leading a wide array of efforts beyond innovation … yet innovation has played a key role.

AcuPOLL Concept testing has helped the company better understand the strength of their ideas, how to expand appeal to important segments, and strengthen key concept messages beyond category expectations.

We are proud to have contributed in important ways to the company's decade of innovation success, and to so substantially benefit their employees, shareholders, the consumers they serve, and the communities they live in.