AcuPOLL Live with Predictive Qualitative™

Robust quantitative learning plus instant probing for faster, more actionable insight.

AcuPOLL pioneered central location qual-quant research in the early 1990s, investing more than $1 million to develop our patented Linear Keyboard System. This revolutionized concept testing to make it faster and more cost-efficient, with:

  • Predictive base sizes of up to 200 consumers in a single session
  • Monitors in the rear of the room, so clients see answers and formulate follow-up questions or probe instantly
  • The ability to quickly and anonymously “poll” the entire group on agreement with open-end comments using our unique Predictive Qualitative approach – so unlike in focus groups, you receive:
    • Impulsive, unbiased responses, without “group think” or “over-think”
    • The ability to hear divergent opinions within the group
    • Better insight, as we document comments and let everyone vote, so you’re never left wondering what the rest of the group thinks when one person makes a comment
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The Brand team, agency representatives, product developers, and designers can attend sessions to:

  • Hear the dialogue directly
  • View the results in real time
  • Help guide or even participate in qualitative discussion


AcuPOLL Live Sessions can be executed anywhere – most recently in the U.S., China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, France, and Canada – and are perfect for:

  • Fast, predictive insight on a large number of questions (200–300), with the opportunity for qualitative input
  • Quantitative learning in countries where the Internet doesn’t represent your target audience well
  • Product tests, especially when they’re difficult to mail or you want to watch the consumer use it
  • Packaging graphic or structural designs, especially those that can’t be easily viewed online
  • Interaction with displays or store shelves

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