AcuPOLL Online Surveys

We’ve taken an approach that’s flexible, fast, and cost-efficient … and made it even better.

Online surveys have become the leading collection methodology in the market research industry, providing:

  • Large base sizes and a wide array of questions for quantitative analysis
  • Complex questionnaires and skip patterns as needed
  • Ability to target low-incidence groups
  • Geographic representativeness (in countries with high Internet penetration)
  • Unique online techniques, such as AcuTEXT, Heat Maps, MaxDiff, and more

AcuPOLL’s web-based surveys provide all of these advantages leveraging AcuPOLL’s modified "Juster" scale, which is:

  • 3x more discriminating than top-box analysis on a 5-point scale,
    providing opportunities to test with higher sensitivity or lower base sizes
  • Faster, with 75% fewer words in the responses to typical concept questions
  • More intuitive and easy to understand, for better research quality

Combined with the ability to better understand the strength of your stimuli relative to the AcuPOLL Innovation Database, our online surveys provide the clarity you need to make better decisions.