Packaging and Structural Design

Great packaging goes beyond aesthetic appeal to more effectively sell your product.

We’ve changed the metrics used to evaluate packaging’s effectiveness. We believe packaging has a key purpose most methodologies don't measure: to sell your product at point-of-purchase. Many companies need the package to sell as effectively as, or even in lieu of, any advertising. 
Yet researchers tend to over-emphasize design appeal – and under-emphasize how well a package drives purchase appeal and concept communication – or ignore them all together.

  • Mind the Gap – Whether online or in AcuPOLL Live Sessions, we test every package as an expression of the concept and can show you when your packaging meets, beats, or falls short versus the concept and its volume potential.
  • Packaging Optimizer™ Design assessment includes aesthetic Appeal and Distinctiveness, Equity Impact Analysis for deeper communication evaluation, and eFactor® analysis to see how well packaging bonds emotionally with consumers.
  • Advanced techniques include heat maps and AcuTEXT™ to determine drivers, online virtual shelf sets for insight on shopper metrics, and AcuPOLL30+ Sessions with Predictive Qualitative™ and live virtual shelf technology for deeper qualitative discovery.

Packaging Navigator™ – Identify and achieve meaningful change in 90 days

Phase I: Determine what’s most important to consumers and how packaging stands up vs. competition with Brand MRI

Phase II: Refine/improve designs iteratively with consumers in AcuPOLL30+ Sessions with Predictive Qualitative™

Phase III: Validate improvements in new designs online or in AcuPOLL Live Sessions