AcuPOLL's Approach to Segments

Since its inception, AcuPOLL has been a pioneer in better understanding reactions to new product and marketing initiatives by segment and how to aggregate demand.

The marketing world has changed over the past few decades, and even the biggest brands need to appeal to passionate niche consumers to grow.  Yet many competitive methodologies require even niche categories to test among Rep population recruits and only provide database grades among a broad audience.  The result?  Any idea that’s not a broad idea can look like a "bad" idea.

We’ve helped brands find passionate segments for more than 20 years.  AcuPOLL conducts tests among the most broadly relevant audience and provides grades for concepts, packages, products, and ads among key segments as well as a broad audience.

We pay greater attention to segments in every test we do. 

Our unique approach provides:

  1. Better differentiation between broad, passionate niche, and bad ideas
  2. Better perspective on the potential for truly novel ideas – with no category to which to compare
  3. The ability to utilize client-provided segmentation models, AcuPOLL custom segmentation models, and/or any question or combination of questions present in the survey to identify the factors that most differentiate high vs. low interest