Thrive on Small Targets

AcuPOLL helps clients discover passionate niches that others miss!

The world is changing as consumer markets and media vehicles fragment and splinter.  Even the largest brands find they need to extend with broadly appealing versions supplemented by variants tailored to satisfy niche needs.  

Many research methodologies fail to address these challenges:

  • They tend to make any idea that’s not a broad idea look like a bad idea, under-appreciating opportunities with passionate niches.
  • They require testing among Rep samples, including – and making clients pay for – respondents who don’t experience the need or problem and would never buy under any circumstance.
  • They leverage “black box” category or contrived databases to represent the market, which often don’t represent niche categories or small brands well.

AcuPOLL works with a wide array of companies seeking to exploit niche segments, from organic food to low-incidence health condition sufferers to targeted apparel and even motorcycle riders.  AcuPOLL’s methodology and mindset are ideally suited to:

  • Testing ideas and marketing vehicles only among the relevant audience
  • Differentiating among broad, niche, and truly bad ideas
  • Providing grades versus the AcuPOLL Master Database for a wide variety of segments

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