Solve This!

Every study we do is unique and customized in important ways to our client objectives and situation; we welcome new or unusual challenges to solve!

Many of our tools today were born out of a unique client objective, from our creation for faster, more efficient and predictive concept testing to solutions for identifying strengths/weaknesses of seed ideas to our Predictive Qualitative™ approach. 

Some of our recent challenges have included:

  • Why is a brand losing more to private label in one retailer than its competitor is in another?
  • How would a brand name change required by regulators affect the brand equity and growth potential of an acquisition target?
  • How can one brand best expand a slow-growth, commodity food product and the entire category in a brand-ownable way?

If we don’t have an existing solution, we’ll create one, or at least try to help you find one.

Please contact us about how we can solve your toughest challenges!