Our Story

AcuPOLL was created by Procter & Gamble brand management veterans and technologists in 1991 to solve a major problem – the cost and delay of market research was a huge barrier to innovation success.  And innovation is the lifeblood of companies and the employees and communities that depend on them.

With 18 months and more than $1 million invested in its development, the unique AcuPOLL Live Qual+Quant methodology was perfected and validated in published research to accurately predict winning concepts and trial from a collection of up to 40 ideas at a time.  Plus, it delivered results faster and more cost-efficiently!

Over the years, the company expanded online as web research became feasible; into different types of research; and, conducted research across more than 35 developed and developing markets.  Through it all, we’ve focused on providing greater clarity for better decisions in innovation – whether new product, marketing, or commercial innovation – and to deliver the insight, responsiveness, and cost-efficiency clients most desire. 

We know our success depends on helping clients innovate more successfully, so that they, their companies, and their communities thrive.