Stronger Advertising in 2 Days

Clients are quickly discovering how AcuPOLL Live Sessions with Predictive Qualitative™ help develop stronger advertising, faster – in as little as 2 days!

It’s a remarkable research methodology that CMOs and Madison Avenue have embraced for choosing campaign directions and optimizing creative, from print concepts and storyboards to finished work.  This particular AcuPOLL success story featured:

The Players: 

  • Top 5 U.S. Ad Agency and Leading Food Company

The Challenge: 

  • Team struggling to achieve meaningful copy breakthroughs
  • 3 different campaign directions based on: 
    • Romancing a key ingredient (like POM Wonderful)
    • Creating a social “movement” (like The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty)
    • Building an emotional benefit from the product (like Heinz’s “Anticipation” or Oreo’s “Fun”)
  • Qualitative research was needed but not sufficient; reliable quantitative reactions were needed on more stimuli than could be tested in a quantitative test (3 campaign taglines and “big ideas,” 10 print and TV executions).

 The Approach:

  • AcuPOLL Live sessions over a 2-day period
  • Blend of more than 200 quantitative measurements and Predictive Qualitative™ input
  • Full participation of the client and creative, in the room, learning in real time

The Results:

  • Client and agency were united in clarity regarding which campaign was strongest, how to optimize each, and the best path forward:

“You guys were great to work with and we felt the methodology was incredibly helpful!”

− Agency

“Well done. Upper management loved the research and commented on how wonderful of a methodology this proved to be for our campaign development.”

– CPG Client

  • The agency is finalizing copy and expects to launch shortly.
  • We can be ready to execute sessions just a few days after your stimuli are ready, with results generally visible in sessions, instantly.  Ask us to share the full case study!