ForeSIGHT™ Going-Year Volume Estimates

ForeSIGHT provides a low-cost diagnostic volume forecast that enables companies to size up opportunities and prioritize innovation resources.

  • Volume Forecasts, Reality Check

    Analysis leverages the Fourt-Woodlock trial-repeat model that is widely used
    in the industry.

  • Recognizing that forecast inaccuracy is often driven by overzealous assumptions about the speed of distribution and awareness build, our snapshot estimates potential volume once distribution and awareness have leveled off.

  • We work collaboratively with clients to determine assumptions, check for reasonableness, and illuminate the key drivers of volumetric success.

  • In addition to concepts, we can test the product, packaging, and advertising for greater accuracy and incorporate the learning into a refined forecast.

In all instances for which we have data comparing ForeSIGHT results with those from other vastly more expensive models, the differences in volume estimates are <10%.