Spark In-Market Validation

Last year, we unveiled Spark MCR's groundbreaking approach to more completely evaluate ideas than traditional surveys by capturing Impulse and Emotion, as well as conscious Reflection. Spark MCR is 2x more likely to capture consumers' "gut" reactions, and better discriminates across ideas to find the real winners. Now we're unveiling in-market results from a new study on Pinterest for a major retailer which demonstrates that Spark MCR results are significantly and more strongly correlated with higher online "engagement" and e-commerce sales than the traditional approach.

2 Minutes Can Change How You Do Research

While researchers strive to discover new insights and help companies make better decisions, there's often a missing step in the development process – between the Insight Phase and Validation Research – that sub-optimizes major initiatives. The ACUPOLL Live Qual-Quant iPad system is a unique technology for moderated group qual/quant evaluation that helps you develop stronger initiatives, faster: concepts, products, multi-platform marketing campaigns, packages, and displays.