Spark In-Market Validation

Last year, we unveiled Spark MCR's groundbreaking approach to more completely evaluate ideas than traditional surveys by capturing Impulse and Emotion, as well as conscious Reflection. Spark MCR is 2x more likely to capture consumers' "gut" reactions, and better discriminates across ideas to find the real winners. Now we're unveiling in-market results from a new study on Pinterest for a major retailer which demonstrates that Spark MCR results are significantly and more strongly correlated with higher online "engagement" and e-commerce sales than the traditional approach.

Moreover, Pinterest Promoted Pins with higher Spark Impulse and Affinity ratings are 4x more likely to have higher online engagement, and 2x more likely to generate higher e-commerce sales:


Finally, Spark MCR provides a practical tool that takes conscious and non-conscious measures into account and has sales data to back it up. Let us know if you would like to have a quick call to share the results and discuss Spark in more detail.