"We don't think as much as we think we think ... but we still do think!"
Market research has focused too exclusively on thoughtful "System 2" reasoning
without enough attention to "System 1" impulse and emotion!

New Spark MCR™ is an advanced multi-cognition approach for discovering ideas, messages, and visuals that best ignite the gut, heart, and mind. Leveraging the latest advances in cognitive science plus the power of emojis for fast, intuitive response, Spark MCR provides more complete insight, greater discrimination across ideas, and a fast and efficient means to screen short stimuli to help build more motivating initiatives.

more statistical discrimination than 5-point scales – 2x the differences found in one recent test!
preferred 2-to-1 as more “from the gut” and enjoyable – leading to better quality research (ARF Quality Study)
faster, more practical, and better suited to stimuli – compared to traditional neuro tools