Our Team

Jeff GoldsteinJeff Goldstein


Jeff has been the President and owner of AcuPOLL Precision Research, Inc., since October 2012, bringing a passion for innovation and helping to grow the organization to meet the demands of an ever-evolving market landscape.

Jeff rose through Brand Management at Procter & Gamble in the ’80s and ’90s, working to boost market share for brands like Scope, Crest, and Pepto-Bismol. He spearheaded advertising training, helped improve global innovation structure and processes, and served in Corporate New Ventures, helping the COO explore new “white spaces” for the company.

After leaving P&G in the late ’90s, Jeff continued to be a catalyst for strategic growth as the President of Ingenuity Advisors, and has helped clients discover and pursue game-changing strategies: developing global category-creation initiatives, successfully launching new brands, pinpointing strategic acquisitions, and improving innovation capabilities and processes.

Jeff also invented and launched his own brand, +Repelle™, which gained distribution in 18,000 stores, 43 press stories, and a major hair color brand trademark license.

Being President of AcuPOLL gives Jeff the opportunity to help even more companies improve their success rate in innovation and marketing, thereby fueling the success of more businesses and their employees, and ultimately helping families and communities thrive.

Jeff lives in Cincinnati with his wife of 25 years, two daughters (in college), yellow labrador, two frisky felines, and a colorful saltwater reef tank. He enjoys traveling with his family, cheering on the Cincinnati Bengals, and helping to revitalize the camp where he and his children have spent many wonderful summers.

George BrownGeorge Brown

Vice President,
Client Business Development

Growing up in the ’70s watching Darren Stevens talk ad campaigns on Bewitched, George knew he wanted to work with brands. His first opportunity to realize that vision came from Clear Channel Communications, where he developed marketing strategies and wrote radio commercials for clients. The experience George gained in that role taught him early on that branding and promotion are not mutually exclusive, and he has spent his entire career since helping companies grow revenue through advertising, promotions, and now innovation.

After nearly a decade of working for a division of Grey Advertising creating national campaigns, promotions, and marketing strategies for brands like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Nike, and several P&G properties, George joined AcuPOLL in 2006 as Vice President of Sales. Going far beyond the typical pitch, George has spent the past several years building client relationships by channeling his passion and vast experience into a total brand perspective, always mindful of a brand’s equities, identity, and vision when designing custom research solutions.

As VP of Client Business Development, George listens to client feedback and works with the rest of the AcuPOLL team to discover and implement new ways of executing studies to meet clients’ needs cost-efficiently. Most notably, George has spearheaded the execution of AcuPOLL30+ Live Sessions with Predictive Qualitative™, helping to make considerable meaningful improvements to several new product development and advertising initiatives.

George was born and raised in Cincinnati, where he lives with his wife of 20 years, 3 talented children, and a set of seldom used Titleist golf clubs.

Ericca DennehyEricca Dennehy

Vice President,
Account Management

Ericca has more than 25 years of market research experience, beginning in 1990 as a part-time interviewer in the phone center of Project Research, Inc., in Columbus, OH. She quickly went from interviewer to supervisor, and was subsequently promoted to Project Director. It was here that Ericca was introduced to both her future husband and her future employer. After her first interaction with AcuPOLL, as a field supplier for the popular Live Sessions, she was immediately attracted to the idea of working for the company.

Although her career path included a couple more stops along the way, Ericca eventually joined AcuPOLL in 1998 with extensive research experience as Field Director, managing all aspects of the in-person research. Shortly after being promoted to Director of Field Operations, Ericca spearheaded the creation of AcuPOLL’s Project Management department, which she has been overseeing ever since. 

Ericca continues to hone her skills by taking a proactive approach in developing custom research solutions, going beyond expectations to offer valuable insight and planning. Her extensive market knowledge and experience fostering relationships and brand building is vital to the success of AcuPOLL and its clients. Ericca is also known as AcuPOLL’s “International Specialist,” having conducted research in dozens of countries, from the UK to Russia to the Middle East.

Outside of her passion for research, Ericca has a keen interest in politics. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.A. in American Diplomatic History and Political Science, and has done PR and campaign work for several key government figures. Also a lover of college football, Ericca “bleeds scarlet and gray” for the Buckeyes, cheering them on with her husband of 20 years and their 4 furry, four-legged “kids.”

Beth LutzBeth Lutz

Director of Innovation

For more than 15 years, Beth has excelled in multiple roles at AcuPOLL, offering exceptional client support while guiding questionnaire and concept development, developing new methodologies and analytical techniques, managing AcuPOLL Live Session logistics, and leading statistical analysis and client recommendations. 

Thanks to the consumer research experience she gained from 4 years managing a mall intercept office for Quick Test, Beth began making significant contributions to AcuPOLL almost immediately upon joining the company in 1999, and has continued to be influential in helping AcuPOLL evolve into a multi-faceted innovation partner for clients.

In her previous roles as an Account Manager and Director of Analytics, Beth drew from her wealth of experience to cut through the clutter of data to make clear, insightful observations and recommendations to clients. Her favorite task is moderating the Predictive Qualitative™ portions of AcuPOLL Live Sessions, where she has an opportunity to interact with consumers face-to-face and understand their opinions and purchase motivators in a more reliable and comprehensive way than traditional qualitative.

And, as Director of Innovation, Beth keeps a close eye on what’s new in the industry, seeking to incorporate up-to-the-minute advancements into AcuPOLL’s methodology, to help ensure clients always have access to the latest research tools. Some of the products she has been instrumental in developing include AcuTEXT, eFactor, and SPARK™MCR.

Beth holds a B.A. from Heidelberg University, in Tiffin, OH, where she majored in Psychology and International Studies, and spent two years studying in Belgium and Germany. Beth hasn’t cared about sports since the Red Sox won their second World Series (she can die happy now), and spends her free time practicing for Jeopardy! and rehearsing voices for her son’s bedtime stories.

Jackson GordonJackson Gordon

Director, Account Management

Jackson has been with AcuPOLL for more than 10 years, contributing extensively to client business development as well as project management. In his current role as Director of Account Management, Jackson is the primary contact for project communication, advising on how to best design studies to meet research objectives, developing online surveys and AcuPOLL Live Sessions, and providing recommendations to clients in the creation of more successful concept, product, packaging, and advertising executions.

Jackson also plays a large part in concept development, and has been instrumental in the evolution of Germinator™, AcuPOLL’s early-stage testing aimed at helping clients screen ideas and develop better concepts for more meaningful research and, hence, more cost-efficient product development efforts.

Before coming to AcuPOLL, Jackson worked as a graphic designer and project manager specializing in packaging development. Though he occasionally still dabbles in graphic design, Jackson spends most of his free time running a ridiculous number of miles – sometimes just for fun rather than chasing his children. Currently focusing on half-marathons, Jackson has participated in full marathons, triathlons, and extended periods of backcountry hiking. His less physical pursuits include fishing, Star Trek, and all things Jeep.

Steve GoetzSteve Goetz

Director, Field Services

With more than 25 years of experience, Steve has been involved in various aspects of market research, from phone surveys to project management and beyond. He started in 1990 as a part-time interviewer for Walker Research, and later migrated to the client service division known as Walker Information, after holding nearly every position in the company’s phone center.

Steve left Walker in 1999 as Director of Client Services, responsible for several million dollars in annual research revenue from a major CPG client. After a short time at Network, Inc., Steve joined AcuPOLL in 2001 as Field Director, managing all aspects of AcuPOLL’s proprietary Live Sessions.

Steve’s next big challenge was leading AcuPOLL into online testing as Internet research became sufficiently representative. He started by learning everything he could about how key competitors were conducting online research, and how to look beyond basic techniques to confidently recreate the power of AcuPOLL’s validated normative methodology on the Internet. He continues to seek out tools and technologies that allow AcuPOLL to stay on the cutting edge of research, both online and offline.

Steve currently manages a team responsible for handling all field functions, and is continuously evaluating and strengthening research vendor relationships. He also oversees quality control of all data collection, research deliverables, and corporate materials.

Steve was born and raised in Northern Kentucky and currently resides East of Cincinnati with his wife of more than 10 years and their two children. Steve enjoys athletics and has been active in youth sports for many years, coaching baseball, basketball, and soccer.