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Many brands spend millions on their advertising: it’s their #1 marketing investment and essential to success.  Smart marketers recognize that consumer input, or lack thereof, can make or break campaign effectiveness, and it’s critical to get the overall message right – as well as fine-tune executional elements as required.

“You guys were great to work with and we felt the methodology was incredibly helpful!”

Vice President – Top 5 U.S. Advertising Agency

“Well done! Upper management loved the research and commented on how wonderful of a methodology this proved to be for our campaign development.”

Vice President – Leading U.S. Food Company

AcuPOLL30+ Sessions with Predictive Qualitative™ for Advertising Development – A technique clients and agencies can agree on.

Only AcuPOLL can take 30–50 consumers and give you the confidence of quant, with the human engagement of qual, instantly.  AcuPOLL30+ sessions deliver Predictive Qualitative learning for fast and reliable early-stage messaging and campaign development/optimization.

In a single session, AcuPOLL30+ can help you confidently:

  1. Develop stronger messaging, visuals, and language
  2. Identify the most motivating campaign
  3. Evaluate and refine early-stage executions

Additional sessions facilitate iterative improvement.  Clients and agencies can hear consumer input from within the room, raise questions in real time, and even allow agency creatives to present storyboards or other rough work if needed.

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AcuPOLL Advertising Optimizer™ for Advertising Improvement and Qualification

AcuPOLL’s online Advertising Optimizer helps clients evaluate and improve their advertising for greater marketplace impact.  We go well beyond purchase intent to understand:

  • Motivational Impact and other key measures, as well as determine the reasons why ads/messaging resonate(s)
  • How well your advertising bonds “emotionally” with consumers, using eFactor® to measure the “deeper” emotional connection that studies show drive long-term brand success
  • How well communications fit with and improve the equity of the brand through Equity Impact Analysis

AcuPOLL ad tests leverage the AcuPOLL database and scale for greater clarity on the strength of your ads, greater attention to segments to understand who likes them and how to aggregate demand, and deeper analysis to determine drivers of effectiveness.

We have experience testing TV, Animatics, Storyboards, Print, and Outdoor, and are utilized both in the early screening process and as a final action point.