AcuPOLL Concept Optimizer™ provides more in-depth and predictive learning for stronger, more successful innovations.

Innovations with winning concepts yield substantially higher trial and in-market sales.  For more than 20 years, AcuPOLL’s proprietary, validated methodology has helped companies discover, evaluate, and improve their concepts. 

We go above and beyond typical concept scores or report cards, providing extensive analysis and greater clarity on your idea’s trial potential, who likes it, and what’s driving their interest.

... on your Idea’s Potential

... on your Target (“Who”)

... on your Idea Drivers

  • AcuPOLL Efficacy Measures assess every key message in your concept
  • AcuTEXT to help optimize language

Concepts can be tested anywhere in the world, online or via AcuPOLL Live Sessions

We also can provide volume forecasts via AcuPOLL ForeSIGHT™, a low-cost diagnostic tool used to illuminate upside potential and enable companies to compare sales potential across initiatives.  We also provide supplemental analyses (Source of Trial/Volume, KYST and Turf Analysis for flavor/SKU optimization, van Westendorp price modeling, etc.).

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