Early-Stage Ideas

Clearer direction, earlier, helps you prioritize ideas cost-efficiently and leads to future concept success.

Innovators can imagine an unlimited number of ideas, yet with limited resources, have to pinpoint which ones are sufficiently worthy to develop further.  The tools you use to prioritize opportunities not only need to be predictive and cost-efficient, but also enable you to assess each component of early-stage ideas – their Insights, Benefits, and Language – to make sure you spot winners and don’t throw out an idea just because consumers loved only one part. 


Rates your Insight, Benefit, and “Seedling” idea relative to the AcuPOLL Innovation Database to help you evaluate, prioritize, and/or improve early-stage innovation opportunities:

  • Insights and Benefits are tested independently to assess strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • AcuTEXT™ provides a clearer understanding of consumer response to language.
  • 78% of winning Seedlings have achieved Outstanding (A) Purchase Probability when tested as full concepts.

Brand MRI™

We offer a variety of techniques to help you better understand category fundamentals and set the foundation to generate new insights for positioning, messaging, packaging, or new products.  Learn more

Screening Tools

We also have extensive experience screening insights, benefits, flavors, designs/styles, and even preliminary packaging designs with consumers to quickly and cost-efficiently focus your innovation efforts.