AcuPOLL Mobile Studies

AcuPOLL mobile studies deliver unprecedented access to consumer behavior, ideal for discovering Brand insights and opportunities.

Smart devices have greatly enhanced the lines of communication between people and Brands. Wherever consumers are, they’re sharing their lives via their mobile devices.

AcuPOLL mobile studies pair key AcuPOLL methodological advantages with consumers’ favorite input device, creating a powerful research combination for:

  • Contextual Learning – Understand attitudes and behaviors in context of the store, home, doctor’s office, or wherever is most relevant.
  • Understanding Touchpoints/The Consumer Journey – See how products are researched, used, stored, or even shared with other consumers.
  • Temporal Learning – Capture input at specific points in time, or over time (e.g. diary studies).
  • Multimedia Expression – Consumers give input in real-world communication using their own words and/or visualizing their lives.
  • Targeted Learning – Mobile is well suited for targeting younger, minority, and/or low-income consumers, or targeting by location (geo-location).

Participation is easy as consumers use their own devices in combination with AcuPOLL’s more intuitive scale and shorter mobile study lengths.