Evaluate & optimize product satisfaction to drive maximum growth, year after year.

Products that delight consumers, better and/or differently from competition, generate higher repeat rate, sales velocity, and pricing power.  Getting there requires precision in understanding performance versus expectations set by both the concept and existing competitors, as well as database norms, to illuminate the difference between “Good” and “Great.”

Product tests can take place in-person or at-home: 

  • AcuPOLL Live Sessions with Predictive Qualitative™
    • Large quantitative sessions with live, up-close human probing of qualitative
    • Deep exploration of benefits, functions, features, and aesthetics (appearance, performance, efficacy, taste, texture, feel, and/or smell)
  • Iterative AcuPOLL30+ Sessions with Predictive Qualitative™
    • Series of 2–3 smaller (30–50 respondents) flexible groups to quickly/cost-efficiently/predictively optimize
    • Iterate as quickly as within a few days or even a few hours
  • AcuPOLL Home Use Tests
    • Consumers use/interact with your product the way they normally would at home, to help ensure it will meet all of their expectations and needs in a realistic setting, leveraging AcuPOLL methodologies.
  • All aim to provide a better understanding of who likes your products, as well as performance drivers and opportunities for improvement in product performance versus expectations, category, and database norms.