The status quo — the most ominous place to do business today, or ever. 

ACUPOLL saw this coming in 1991, when we began to disrupt common beliefs about the role of research in marketing upon three basic tenets:

  • Today’s Niche Launch propels tomorrow’s Big Brand

  • Great research goes Beyond Evaluation to help lead Innovation

  • Success requires precise definition and proof of Advantages you can own

Being the first to offer in-person qual+quant; to provide the primary alternative to traditional concept testing; to more precisely define competitive advantages and analyze messages across conscious and non-conscious criteria — we continue to challenge, and transcend, the status quo for the clients and brands we serve.


One-of-a-kind, proprietary methods, customized to your precise need and opportunity.

Everything we do is designed to discover, evaluate, or improve new products or marketing innovations more successfully, delivering great clarity and learning to drive growth.




Leveraging cognitive science, we provide fine-tune evaluation of product ideas, messages, and visuals via Impulse, Emotion, and Reflection — key pathways that guide consumer purchase decisions.


Our MarketDatabase™, one of the world’s largest, fuels evaluation of concepts, ads, packages, and products for 3 key growth strategies: Passionate Niche, Premiumization, and Disruptive Innovation.


We pioneered group qual+quant to deliver the confidence of quant with the insight of qual in real time. Flexible, iPad-networked Live Sessions enable in-person evaluation and rapid iteration of stimuli anywhere.  


Creative combinations of techniques and inventive questioning dig beneath consumers’ surface responses to explore and solve company strategy and brand questions.


There is no standard research project.

We specialize in highly collaborative, personalized solutions that originate with your objectives. We direct our minds, experience and resources to your needs.

Our team is battle-tested on the most challenging studies: evaluating 120 concepts online in 8 countries and 5 languages; executing Rapid Development Sessions in demanding environments (China and Saudia Arabia); and helping a Top 3 Food Company put its best food forward in their Super Bowl campaign.


The people of ACUPOLL know why they’re here.  

We exist to solve problems and navigate a rapidly changing world to help brands focus, grow, innovate and renew. Essential strengths distinguish our company and people:

  • Absolute commitment to client success
  • Proactive leadership and recommendations
  • Surprising flexibility
  • Friendly, responsive, responsible partnership
  • Highly experienced client management team averaging 11+ years at the company (and even more industry-wide)

ACUPOLL is privileged to have worked with a vast array of companies, including 2/3 of the consumer-oriented firms in the Fortune 500, 43 of the top 100 U.S. advertisers.

We serve most market leaders in the food, beverage, household, personal care, consumer health care, and durables industries as well as a broad assortment of restaurant, health care, retailer, home improvement, financial services, private equity, and other firms. Plus, the consultants, agencies, and qual firms that support them.

Large, small, start-up firms in all of the above…in more than 35 countries.