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Brand MRI™ goes beyond basic understanding of consumer needs to solve important company strategy questions for your brand. With Brand MRI, creative combinations of techniques and inventive questioning drive deeper comprehension, insight, and actionability.


Many quant firms package their studies into standard buckets – A&U, Habits & Practices, Concept Tests, Segmentation – rather than starting with a blank slate and the flexibility to customize the solution around the objectives.

Segmentation studies are often so expensive, slow, and over-done, that researchers split hairs past the point of diminishing returns;  plus, the process is too expensive to keep up-to-date.

Researchers often don’t leverage existing client research enough – reinventing the wheel – or think deeply enough through the client problem.


100% custom studies, loosely defined within the following areas:

  • Category Exploration – Understand the landscape, define/assess your strategy, evaluate Insights, compare Equity, and/or uncover Archetypes and Emotions
  • Target Discovery – Identify the most passionate prospects and how best to aggregate deman
  • Segmentation – Paint a clearer picture of your category based on needs, attitudes, habits, occasions, etc. – without “over-engineering” – and with a greater focus on actionability
  • Conjoint/Discrete Choice – Better understand tradeoffs and the mix of variables that will maximize sales
  • Brand Acquisition Evaluation – Systematically evaluate brand strengths and potential key growth opportunities
  • Tracking – Monitor consumer reactions over time to assess marketing effectiveness and uncover marketing opportunities
  • Solve This! – Questions range from how should the Chicago Cubs should change their uniforms and improve the stadium experience to … ?


The best techniques curated specifically for the objectives

Hybrid solutions that creatively combine questions

Researchers who work to think like management consultants


Examples of questions solved:

  • A leading soda company needed to understand why they were losing share and how best to drive growth via innovation and promotion
  • A medical device company in the diabetes space wanted greater clarity of who the best targets were in each segment of the market and how to attract lighter sufferers
  • A computer tablet manufacturer wanted to understand the best combination of features (screen size, camera type, battery length, RAM, etc.) and pricing to compete more effectively against iPads
  • A candy brand wanted to understand shopper segments around a key holiday … without the $250k and 6 months for a segmentation study
  • A CPG executive and private equity firm wanted a competitive edge in bidding to acquire a leading brand
  • A national restaurant chain wanted to understand the volume potential of expanding their mass-marketed retail product line, and to use the data to help sell the company at a greater multiple

ACUPOLL research facilitated 22 successful acquisitions, divestitures, and acquisition assessments for corporate clients and private equity firms