ACUPOLL Navigator™ solutions attack the norms to provide greater precision in evaluation and optimization, leveraging experience testing more than 50,000 concepts, ads, packages, and products. Our MarketDatabase Methodology™ rewards ideas that instill the passion which is the prerequisite for growth in today’s competitive me-too markets.


Tired norms, built on the category middle, set the wrong bar for assessing potential – where ideas that aren’t broad, default to looking bad. And they provide no bar for assessing the most disruptive ideas which create entirely new categories.

Likes and dislikes alone set too low of a bar for understanding competitive advantage.

Evaluation of lengthy stimuli blurs feedback, without pinpointing the 1-2 core messages that will best break through in today’s sound-bite world.

Powerful advertising often targets a passion or pain point, yet most validation tools focus on Rep or category users.  Plus, there’s a gap in the ad development process, between inspiration and validation – where consumer input can be critical to success, but quant fails to provide depth of insight, and qual is too easily influenced to yield confident improvement.


Predict Passion and Optimize Stimuli to drive growth:

Concept and Positioning Navigator™
provides greater insight into the 3 key strategies for growth today: passionate niche, premium, and disruptive ideas

Packaging Navigator™
goes beyond aesthetic appeal to identify how best to sell your product, pinpointing shelf presence, equity impact, elemental appeal, and even volume potential

Ad Navigator™
Online assesses campaign effectiveness among your specific audience, while Live Rapid Campaign Development Sessions provide the confidence of quant, and insight of qual – without the risk of being led astray by qual outliers – to iteratively evaluate and enhance communication effectiveness. 

Product Navigator™
Measures concept fulfillment in Live sessions or at home, with the same precision focus on segments and product performance elements as other Navigator solutions.


Greater segment clarity:  identification of opportunity

More precise methods to spotlight drivers of interest: sound bites and visuals that make a difference

More definition around potential for competitive advantage

Learn more, launch faster:  flexibility to excel against numerous objectives


High-performing stimuli in Navigator generate 3x better in market results than those with weaker scores

Four Top-10 U.S. launches in the past few years

Featured in AdvertisingAge for our work on Nestlé's 2016 Super Bowl Campaign