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Of course you need to have great ideas;  yet, the screening methodology used is also critical to where success is found, or lost.  Failing to understand the strengths of each idea relative to cognitive impact can mean overlooking the most powerful idea, mismanaging the chosen idea, or even chasing the wrong idea.  SPARK Multi-Cognition Research™ goes beyond the thoughtful “System 2” reasoning of traditional idea screening to also capture consumers’ “System 1” Impulse and Emotion … which are critical drivers of success in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.  


Conventional idea screening is one-dimensional based solely on rational “System 2” reactions … which are only part of how consumers think and act, to guide their purchase decisions.

Newer “System 1” neuro techniques – while useful for some challenges – just aren’t practical for screening lots of new ideas, in some cases lack the base sizes and efficiencies of online studies, and don’t offer the sensitivity to discriminate between the somewhat-similar stimuli which often need to be tested.


SPARK MCR™ was developed in partnership with an industry-leading cognitive scientist and optimized using more than 40,000 consumer responses, to capture Impulse, Emotion, and conscious Reflection on any collection of short stimuli:

  • Early-Stage Product Ideas
  • Packaging Concepts
  • Digital and Print Ads
  • Claims, Benefits, and Insights
  • Logos and Taglines
  • Point of Purchase Materials
  • Designs


A more real-world evaluation of ideas, the way consumers make decisions.

A more efficient way to gather System 1 reactions in an online environment that provides greater flexibility and sensitivity to discriminate among and predict the best performers.

This proprietary methodology has been shown to be significantly more predictive than traditional screening on Purchase Intent, Relevance, etc.


Ideas with higher Spark MCR scores are:

4x more likely to generate high engagement

2x more likely to generate high sales